5 Easy Tips to Maintain Printer for Longer Life

These days, electronics  devices get updated very often. If you talk about the phones their are constantly new phones coming into the market. Now moving on the printers, they are essential part of office, home and businesses. Latest generation printers are getting more and more capable but if you have a 2-3 old generation printer it is prone to face problems. Printers may be the most common thing to break down in a computer system.

If you have the similar issues with your printer, good news this post is for you. With the little knowledge on how to maintain the printer you can expect longer life and less break downs. Here are some tips to keep your printer well maintained and your printed documents looking professional and clean.



This is very basic point yer very important. Anytime you are required to change the cartridges or you want to change the roller, make sure it is turned off. Keep your hands off the moving parts or fuses, This will ensure the safety of you and your printer.


  Printer Head Cleaning

Ever notice some printed documents would have those white lines across the document, even tough the cartridges are full. This happens when printer heads are clogged and needs to be cleaned. For further assistance on how to clean the heads, you can check the owner’s manual or you can go to website to see how you can clean a particular model. If you are still not sure, you can Call Printer Support at 1-888-510-0678. These days some newer models comes with self cleaning option. They will clean the head automatically on the push of a button. It can also be done manually on those particular models.


Keep Dust Away

For any electronics dust, moister, too much heat are like cancer. Keep your surrounding clean and dust free. You can use fiber cloth to remove the dust from the printer. Alternatively you can use small vacuum to get rid of it.

TIP – When you are not using your printer. You can take a piece of light cloth and cover your printer with it. This will prevent dust from getting inside the printer and it will also not get dirty. I won’t recommend this if you using it in office and you do lots of prints. This method is best for home printers.


Resolve any Issue Carefully

If you take good care of you printer, it will last for very long time. Small issue can lead to bigger problems. For instance, a paper jam can damage the roller or even gears inside the printer. So whenever dealing with these kind of situation, always be patient and follow the instructions given in owners manual for specific model.


Additional Things

You can also invest in maintenance kit  for your printer. All major manufacturer provide maintenance kit for the printer which includes clean supplies and replacement parts with short life span like rollers.